KN95 Filter FFP2 Respirator

  • KN95 Face respirator with a valve landing image
  • KN95 Face respirator with a valve landing near a box

KN95 Filter

FOB $5.34

This is a non-fluid resistant mask, meaning it does not provide barrier protection against respiratory droplets/splashes. It does not provide protection from aerosols (airborne viral particles). It offers 98% bacterial filtration efficiency.

  • Specifications
    • FDA Approved
    • KN95 / FFP2 / CE
  • Dimensions
    • Product: 3.5”W X 3.0”H X 3.0”D
    • Packaging: 7”W X 6”H X 5”D
  • Shipping Info

    Generally ships between 3-4 working weeks by maritime freight transport. Orders only confirmed once payment has successfully processed. NOTE: When shipping by airplane freight, delivery time can be reduced to (approx. 4 days).